Had another one of those interesting watercooler conversations the other day about perfection.  It centered on the idea of perfection. Here are a couple of interesting points that came from the discussion:

Is it possible to be “perfect” for one second?

If the answer is yes, then it is possible to be perfect for two, and three and so on.  Thus acheiving perfection in life is possible (albeit very difficult.)

This of course raises the question of what perfection is.  My co-worker posited that perhaps there is “perfection in imperfection” siting examples of robotic representations of art that somehow are less beautiful because they are “too perfect”.

I was quick to point out that this intepretation actually means that her idea of “perfect” simply means 90% strait lines and 10% crooked ones.  Perfection is thus redefined.

So does that lead us down a slippery slope of moral relativism?  Hardly.  Because there are certain levels of perfection that are socially normative.

Im not exactly sure where I was going with this, but they were thoughts I figured were worth writing down, and the ABCphil blog seemed the appropriate place to document the ideas.